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Linux For Everyone

Linux is an open-source operating system. It offers flexibility, security, and stability, relying on the command line for tasks. It powers servers, desktops, and embedded devices worldwide.

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Which Cloud is Best ?

A cloud engineer is a professional responsible for designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based infrastructure and services to enable businesses to store, process, and access data and applications remotely.

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Windows Server in Hindi

A Windows Server is a specialized operating system designed for server-related tasks, network management, and application hosting in a networked environment.

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Networking Courses
Are you not interested in coding but still want to pursue a career in Information Technology (IT)? We’ve got you! The networking courses are all you need to get started in tech.

1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)/ Network fundamentals:
If you’re new to IT and you want to learn the basics of how a collection of computers communicate with each other, this course is for you. After completing this course, you will become a master of computer networking.
Cover the fundamentals of networking that include Networking basics, Routing and Switching, Cisco device configuration, TCP/IP protocols, Network Troubleshooting, Network security, and WAN technologies. This course is for anyone looking to become an entry-level Network Engineer, Network Support Engineer, Network Administrator, or tech enthusiast.

2. OSI model in-depth:

Discover the unique characteristics of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, a critical framework for understanding the architecture of computer networks and communication protocols. This course covers Network architecture, Networking concepts, Layer functions, Protocol stacks, Troubleshooting, Network design, Interoperability, Application development, Network security and Industry relevance.The OSI model in-depth free course is for you if you are an aspiring Network Engineer or are applying for the post of entry-level network engineer/network administrator/help desk technician/support engineer, etc.

3. CCNP Enterprise fundamentals:
Do you want to take your networking skills to the next level? Look no further than the CCNP enterprise fundamentals free course that can make you familiar with the basic concepts of how networking in enterprises works!
Learn about Advanced routing and switching, Network design, Network security, Automation and programmability, Wireless networking, Network management, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network troubleshooting, Network virtualization and Quality of Service (QoS).
This course is for anyone looking to enhance their skillsets after CCNA, and for aspiring Network Engineers.

4. IP Addressing and Subnetting:
Learn how to design and configure IP networks efficiently with our best free online courses. Learn the fundamentals of IP addressing and subnetting directly from top-notch engineers. This course explains the complexities of IP addressing, subnetting, and VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Masking).
This course covers IP addressing, Subnetting concepts, VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Masking), Network design, Network configuration, Subnetting calculation, Troubleshooting, IP Address Management and IPv6 addressing.
If you’re a graduate looking to learn about subnetting or preparing for CCNA, this free course is for you.

5. Windows Server:
It is crucial to learn about servers if you wish to build a career in the cloud computing industry in the future. The best way to do so is to start right from the basics, i.e., the Windows server. This course covers the fundamentals of how the server works and how to manage it. It covers the curricula for Windows Server 2019.
This course covers Virtualization, Active Directory Management, File and print services, Server installation and configuration, Server roles and features, Network services, Security and group policy, Backup and recovery, Server performance optimization, PowerShell scripting, and Remote desktop services.
If you want to become a Windows Server Administrator or entry-level Cloud Engineer/Cloud Administrator, this free fundamental course is for you.

Cybersecurity Course
Do you wish to fight against the cyber crimes? Being a cybersecurity is the best professional choice for you indeed! Explore the following fundamental cybersecurity course to kickstart your career in the industry.

1. Ethical Hacking Advance:
Looking to break into the cybersecurity industry? Ethical hacking is one of the best free courses that can make you thorough with the basics of ethical hacking. Learn to think like a hacker so that you can defend systems like a pro!
You will be introduced to ethical hacking, and learn about Foot printing and reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining and maintaining access, Cryptography and various tools and techniques to use TTPs as hackers do.

Cloud courses
Looking to break into the growing IT industry? The best way to do so is to take fundamental cloud courses. The following courses will make you familiar with the basics of cloud computing and provide you with a certificate of completion.

1. AWS Cloud Essentials:
The AWS Cloud Essentials course is a fantastic free online course that allows you to learn directly from cloud computing engineers. Learn the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's premier cloud computing platform.
This course covers topics such as Cloud architecture, Object storage, Virtual servers Cloud security, Cloud deployment, AWS management tools, Auto-scaling, Load balancing, Cloud cost optimization and AWS best practices.
If you want to become an AWS Cloud Associate, this course is a great start!

IT Fundamental course
New to the world of IT? Explore the following course to master the basics of computer and network basics!
This is one of the best free certifications if you want to learn the fundamentals of IT. CompTIA courses are in fact, the best basic courses to learn about networks and IT fundamentals. This course is for you if you want to study the essentials of networking, hardware, and so on.
This course covers IT concepts and terminology, Infrastructure, Applications and software, Software development, Database fundamentals and Security. You can take up this course if you want to become an entry-level IT professional, etc.

Linux course
Be it networking, cloud computing, or cybersecurity, knowing about the Linux operating system and shell scripting is the most in-demand skill to have in an IT professional. If you’re looking for the best Linux fundamental course to opt for, look no further than the course by Skills for everyone by Network Kings!

1. Linux for everyone:
Learn the world's most popular operating system, Linux, directly from top-tier Linux administrators. This free course training will familiarise you with scripting and automation while also increasing your job efficiency with Linux.
You will cover how to use shell scripting, get familiar with the command line, Package management, File System Management, User and Group Administration, System Configuration, Linux Server Administration, Troubleshooting, Security practices, Virtualization and cloud computing, and Linux networking.
If you wish to become a Linux Administrator, Cloud Engineer, or even an Ethical Hacker, this free course is an excellent way to begin your career.

Basic Coding courses
The world of Information Technology is incomplete without programming. If you have no idea about coding but you wish to learn in-depth about programming languages, we’ve got you covered.
Explore the most popular coding language free fundamental courses hands-on to learn the most out of our courses. The best part is that these courses are the most easy to understand. Anyone, even if you’re in school can take up these courses!

When starting to learn how to code, HTML is the most basic programming language to master. This is why this free course is the best choice for you if you’re looking to become a web developer. Not only that, but this course also covers CSS and JavaScript!
With more than 8 hours of this course, you will learn how to create basic HTML documents, forms and attributes, input types, syntax, links, lists, and tables in CSS, overflow, float, align, navigation bar, and JavaScript functions.

2. C and C++ Fundamental course:
We can help you master the most fundamental and traditional programming languages! You can use these languages hands-on with the C and C++ fundamental course. Gaining proficiency in these languages will enable you to work with more libraries and more complicated software.
A variety of topics are covered in this course such as terminologies in C, using Visual Studio IDE, data types, variables, conditional and iterative statements, loops, in-built libraries, functions, objects and classes, dynamic memory allocation, polymorphism, Inheritance, function overloading, STL libraries, iterators, declarators and algorithms in STL.
This course contains more than 30 hours of learning content.

3. Python Fundamentals:
One of the most popular programming languages is Python. In fact, Python is used by the biggest Fortune 500 organizations in the world to develop websites and systems in addition to performing essential duties. The best time to enroll in a Python course is right now.
With more than 17 hours of course content, you will learn the basics of Python, datatypes, variables, if and while loops, algorithms and pseudocode, Python installation, strings, comments, operators, conditionals and iterative statements, functions, data structures, class methods, and constructors, errors and exception handling, install MySQL and connect with Python, init testing and much more.
This course is for you if you wish to become a Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Python Developer, Data Scientist, Network Automation Engineer, etc.

Software and technology course
Learning a specific vendor course is always a great addition to your resume in order to land a high-paying job. Explore this one course to become an exceptional Network Engineer!

1. Palo Alto Firewall basics:
The world's best firewall, according to the most recent Gartner magic quadrant analysis, is the Palo Alto firewall. It makes sense that now is the ideal moment to sign up for the free Palo Alto firewall online course.
Take a look at the Palo Alto firewall's basic principles to get started in the field of network security engineering. This course will teach you about the basics of Palo Alto firewall architecture, Firewall configuration, Security policies, Threat prevention, URL filtering, Traffic filtering, Network Address Translation (NAT), Logging and monitoring, High availability and User identification.
This course is for you if you wish to become a Network Security Engineer and you already have knowledge about CCNA.

Career guidance courses
Cybersecurity and cloud computing are the most popular IT domains and indeed some of the highest-paying domains across the globe. Therefore, it becomes confusing which course to choose according to your job interests. You can take the following courses based on your need.

1. Which cloud is best?
Are you confused about which is the best cloud to learn according to your educational/previous course background? Find out with this free course where you’ll learn which is a better fit for you: AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure.

2. How to become Cloud Engineer?
Is an IT career still worth it in the cloud computing industry? To know the answer to this question and your career prospects, this is the best course to take to begin your career. In this course, you will learn about the benefits of cloud computing, which technology you should select - networking, cybersecurity, or cloud computing, career guidance for freshers, and which course is the best.
If you’re a recent graduate and you’re confused about your career, this free career guidance course is for you.

3. How to become Ethical Hacker?
One of the best methods to break into the cybersecurity market is to learn how to become an ethical hacker. You will receive a clear road map on how to become an ethical hacker from this course.
You will learn about the jobs and responsibilities of an ethical hacker, what they do on a day-to-day basis, cybersecurity roadmap and certifications to explore, and which domain is the best - networking, cloud computing, or cybersecurity.
This free course is for those who want to know how to break into the cybersecurity industry as a recent graduate/fresher.
Productivity courses
We also provide some general courses to enhance your thinking horizons and general aptitude. Such courses will also help you in finding and incorporating best practices in your life. These courses are mentioned below.

1. The self-discipline course:
Do you struggle to achieve your career goals or even day-to-day tasks? If yes, then this course is for you. Invest in this short course and you’ll definitely learn a lot from our founder, Mr. Atul Sharma.

2. How do you make a second brain? Digital Notes.
You must have heard about Notion but do you really know how to you it efficiently to meet your daily career goals? Well, you can learn directly from Mr. Atul Sharma who will teach you how to crack the code for successful note-writing.

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What is ‘Skills for Everyone’ by Network Kings?

Skills for Everyone is a learning platform introduced by Network Kings where learners can take free online courses. All the courses are in-demand and free of cost, prepared by experienced industry experts.

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Skills for Everyone is an online platform to take free online courses with certificates. It does not provide live classes, labs, live doubt-clearance sessions, or career guidance like Network Kings' paid course training.

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All courses on Skills for Everyone are in-demand. You can learn job-ready skills online from industry experts. Every time you complete a free courses program, you can also earn a certificate serving as a credential for your skills.